Why Gerrit Cole should win the Cy Young Award

Gerrit Cole just threw an absolute gem against the Angels and continues to make his case for why he should be awarded the Cy Young award. The Yankees won 13 games in a row and then lost 4 games in a row, and with the Red Sox breathing down our necks in the Wild Card standings and the Rays growing their lead in the division, Cole needed to get the Yankees a win. He did exactly that. 

Cole threw 7 solid innings striking out 15 batters and walking 0. His strikeout to walk ratio for this game was 15:0, that’s insane. Gerrit Cole is the only true ace in the AL and he keeps on making his case for the Cy Young award. However, it seems the press is determined to push the Robbie Ray/Lance Lynn narrative. My question to all the people who believe Gerrit Cole isn’t a Cy Young contender is, do you think that Robbie Ray could’ve thrown a 129 pitch shutout against the Astros? Could Lance Lynn make Shohei Ohtani look like an absolute scrub? The answer to both of those questions is no.

Robbie Ray and Lance Lynn don’t have Cole’s gamer mentality. I guarantee that if Ray was pitching the game Cole just did, he would’ve taken himself out after the 6th. He would’ve told himself and the media that he did his job and it’s the bullpen’s turn to finish the rest of the game. Gerrit Cole shook his head at Boone indicating he wasn’t coming out of the game after the 6th because he knew his team needed him for one more inning and he could give them one more. That’s a gamer’s mentality. 

Lance Lynn is known for being a workhorse but he isn’t the type of guy that could shut out one of the best offenses in the league while sporting a 129 pitch count. Gerrit Cole can. When Boone went to the mound in the 9th inning during Cole’s 129 pitch masterpiece, Cole cursed Boone off the mound and told him he’s finishing the game? Lynn and Ray would’ve taken themselves out of the game after the 7th inning to save their arm, but Gerrit Cole doesn’t think like that. In his mind, it was his game and it was his responsibility to finish it so he did. Lynn and Ray aren’t wired like that. 

Gerrit Cole walked onto the mound last night ready to destroy the Angels. To quote my Uncle via text, “Cole treated the shitty Angels like the bitches they are.” Cole was electric for 7 innings giving up only 1 run and striking out 15 batters. 15! He also didn’t walk a single batter. A single batter! Cole faced Ohtani three times and struck him out three times. Each time with a fastball right down the middle just to remind Ohtani that he isn’t all that. Gerrit Cole is Ohtani’s daddy. 

Cole has the lowest FIP out of all the three frontrunners (himself, Lynn, and Ray). Cole has the best K/9 and the lowest BB/9. He has four more wins than Lynn and Ray and also the best WAR. Stats back me up and so does the eye test. 

There have been starts where Cole looks off and he will still throw six or seven solid innings and lead the Yankees to a win. When Lynn or Ray have an off game they go off the rails, I know because I have Lynn, and when he has a bad game he has a bad game. Cole is a gamer and that should count for something. Just ask yourself this, would you rather have Gerrit Cole, Lance Lynn, or Robbie Ray on the mound in game 7 of the World Series? Any person with a brain would choose Gerrit Cole because at the end of the day he will get the job done. 

Will Gerrit Cole win the Cy Young? I doubt it, they’ll probably give it to Lance Lynn because he’s an old workhorse everyone can relate to. Should Gerrit Cole win the Cy Young? Effing yeah he should.

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