What does the future hold for the Yankees?

It’s been an up and down season, to say the least for the New York Yankees. The highs are high, but the lows are low. The Yankees won 13 games in a row the most in franchise history since 1947, then lost 4 in a row, won 2 games, then lost 7 in a row. It feels like every time the Yankees figure things out they find ways to lose. Whether it’s Chad Green losing leads in the 8th, Chapman giving fans heart attacks in the 9th, or DJ LeMahieu not getting a “clutch” hit. I’ve never seen a more inconsistent team in my life, that’s why the Yankees are .5 games ahead of Toronto in the Wild Card, IN LATE SEPTEMBER.
I don’t know who’s to blame. Is it the manager? The front office? The players? I honestly don’t know, but what I do know is something has to be done. If Aaron Boone were to get fired in the offseason I wouldn’t hate that. If Cashman got canned by Hal Steinbrenner, I’d be perfectly okay with that. If Gleyber Torres and Gio Urshela were to be traded for a star pitcher I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it. It is unacceptable for the New York Yankees to be barely hanging on in late September.
Let me make the following cases for why Boone should be fired. why Cashman should be fired, and why Gleyber needs to go.
Aaron Boone is a Yankees legend and will forever be beloved for his heroic home run in game 7 of the 2003 ALCS (I accidentally typed 4 instead of 3 and was sad for a moment). But that was 18 years ago, he’s no longer a player, he’s the manager for the most talked-about team in all of baseball. For the first two seasons of his managerial career, he was a great manager. He stuck up for his players, made all the right in-game adjustments, utilized the bench well, and backed his players up when the media would get overly critical. Where did that manager go? I won’t count 2020 for obvious reasons, but 2021 very much counts. It has become a rare occurrence for Boone to stick up for his players when the umpire is calling a bad game, he lets the media talk to the players however they want and has made all the wrong in-game adjustments (when he even bothers to make them).
He has lost games for the Yankees by putting Chapman in situations everyone knew he would fail, just so he could pad Chappy’s confidence. How much confidence did Chapman gain when he was put in spots he shouldn’t have been in with a shot shoulder? When he’d blow game after game because his shoulder looked like it was about to fall off? I doubt Chapman only being able to throw 96 miles per hour has helped his confidence, I’d go as far as to say that Boone ruined Chapman’s career. Overuse and mismanagement have turned Chapman into an average closer.
Boone hasn’t just sucked at his handling of the bullpen, he’s sucked at setting the lineup. DJ is having a bad year, it’s been a shit show since day 1, so why the hell is he hitting first every game? Why was Odor the cleanup hitter so many times? Why is Joey Gallo the 2 hitter even though Gallo himself says he hates hitting at the top of the lineup? Why has Gleyber been the 4 or 5 hitter when it’s clear he’s lost all the power he used to have? I honestly don’t know what Aaron Boone is thinking when he sets the lineup. Usually, it’s something like, “Well I don’t want to hurt DJ’s feelings so I’ll start him as the leadoff hitter, bench the red hot Aaron Judge for Tyler Wade, and bat Odor clean up.” I wouldn’t be surprised if audio was leaked of Boone setting the lineup and it went something like that.
Boone looks unhappy, uninterested, and is unfit to manage the Yankees. He’s allowed his players to have too much of the power, doesn’t interject enough if player development, and allows his team to blow games to boost “confidence.”
Brian Cashman is a terrible General Manager, he just is. Cashman didn’t build the Yankees dynasty in the late 90s, Bob Watson and Gene Michael did. Cashman allowed Steinbrenner’s lackeys to sign players like Gary Sheffield, Carl Pavano, and Kenny Lofton in the mid-2000s. Cashman added to the pile of shitty players the Yankees signed in the mid-2000s like Ken Igawa, Javier Vazquez, and Jason Giambi. Cashman got lucky with his signings in the 2008 offseason which led to a World Series ring in 2009, and in 2010 he wanted to replace Derek Jeter with Troy Tulowitzki. Does he have an effing brain?
Cashman allowed the best postseason pitcher since Andy Pettitte in Masahiro Tanaka to walk away over a few million dollars. He made a trade for Andrew effing Heaney and wants to be praised as some sort of savior. Guess what Cashman? You aren’t a good general manager and you aren’t the Yankee’s savior. Once again Bob Watson and Gene Michael built the Yankees dynasty of the late 90s, not Cashman.
Gleyber Torres was hyped up as the next Derek Jeter, yeah, I don’t think he’s lived up to that hype. Gleyber had promising seasons in 2018 and 2019, but big problems in his game were obvious. He has no plate discipline, he can’t field to save his life, and his lack of power is problematic.
Torres swings at pitches that are 10 feet out of the strike zone, how can we expect him to hit for average if he has no plate discipline? Gleyber Torres is one of the worst fielders I’ve ever seen in my life, I swear to god I get nervous every time a ball is hit to him because his glove seems to avoid the ball like the ball has COVID-19. People say that Derek Jeter made a ton of errors in his first few seasons, do you know how he made up for that? By hitting .320, winning a couple of World Series, and playing 100% all the time. Gleyber doesn’t even hustle down the line, I wouldn’t say that’s playing 100%. Jeter dove into concrete to get an out, I would never in a million years expect to see Gleyber layout like that. Gleyber shouldn’t be compared to Jeter not because he isn’t talented, but because he’s not a flat-out winner like Derek was.
The Yankees’ next 9 games are going to be tough, and a good way to judge whether the Yankees need to clean house in the offseason or relax and look forward to the playoffs. Three games against the Red Sox, then three games against the Blue Jays, and to end the season the Yankees face the Rays for 3 games in the Bronx. The Yankees have to dig deep for 9 games, can they do it? I hope so.

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