Week 2 takeaways and Emmys reaction

Week 2 is just about over (the Monday night game has yet to be played). Going into week 2 I expected a Sunday filled with games that should be on the poo-poo platter. But I was pleasantly surprised by games like the Steelers-Raiders, Titans-Seahawks, Giants-Washington (begrudgingly), Rams-Colts, and Cardinals-Vikings. Here are my overreactions, takes, and rants….

Jason Garrett is killing the Giants

The Giants are 2-0 if they had a good offensive coordinator, change my mind. Garrett doesn’t seem to grasp the concept of in-game adjustments. He calls the same 8 plays all game long and by the 4th quarter, the defense reads the offense before they even line up. I also believe that Jason Garrett has a personal vendetta against Saquon Barkley because there’s no way an offensive coordinator would call terrible run plays for a franchise running back. 

I don’t mind that the Giants are losing, I know that they will clean house at the end of the year and start rebuilding (again). I mind that a generational running back’s career is being ruined by a former Cowboys coach that couldn’t lead a team past the Divisional round. 

Daniel Jones is an up and down player, I know that, but he has potential. And against the Washington Football Team, he showed his potential, leading a team to the win, but Darius Slayton’s inability to catch and crappy playcalling ruined a potential win. 

Are we sure Jason Garrett isn’t secretly working for the Cowboys? 

The Raiders are a playoff team

2-0 with Derek Carr and their defense has stepped up when needed, how are they not a playoff team? Jon Gruden is coaching this team to the playoffs and Derek Carr playing better than ever. I hate guessing what player will win MVP especially this early in the year, but don’t you think voters are bored of Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes, and Lamar Jackson? Maybe the voters want to be a little controversial, they want a little Derek Carr. 

Jalen Hurts is good?

The NFC East might be the worst division in the NFL, and because it’s so bad the Eagles have a shot at winning the division. The Eagles killed the Falcons in week 1 and everyone freaked out and said Jalen Hurts was going to lead the Eagles to the playoffs. After losing week 2, I doubt those same media pundits will stick with their predictions. But I’m now split on the Eagles. Are they good? Is Jalen Hurts good? Part of me thinks the Eagles will win the division because the NFC East is dog poop, and part of me thinks Jalen Hurts is good.

I know what you’re thinking, “The Eagles lost to the 49ers. Why are you reacting like the Eagles won?” In my view, the Eagles won that game because Jalen Hurts played terribly, but they only lost by 6 points. If Jalen Hurts got lucky on some throws and the defense got some more stops the Eagles would be 2-0. 

Urban Meyer and Trevor Lawrence equals trouble

When are NFL teams going to learn that a good coach in college won’t lead to a good coach in the NFL? Urban Meyer is killing James Robinson with bad playcalling, and Trevor Lawrence is starting to look like, dare I say it, a bust. 

The Rams are the real deal

Matthew Stafford is already looking like the Matty Stafford of old, except this time he has a good defense to back him up. Stafford is a favorite to win Comeback Player of the Year, and maybe even MVP. The defense got the job done late in the game, Sean McVay has something to prove, and the offense looks like it’s going to set some records. The Rams might just make a run. 

Kyler Murray is underrated

At the beginning of the season, many people speculated Kliff Kingsbury was going to lose his job mid-season, now he might win coach of the year. Kyler Murray was starting to look like a bust, but his gunslinger mentality this year has changed the narrative. Murray was overrated in his first two seasons because people only looked at his highlight reel moments and ignored his many faults. But this season he has fixed many of those faults this year, making him underrated in a way. 

The Seahawks suck

Russell Wilson is Mr. September and it pisses me off. He plays well for 9 games and then disappears down the stretch dooming their chances to win the Super Bowl. That’s all I have to say regarding their team, also their defense sucks. 

Emmy’s reaction

A decent intro, no monologue, and a show that relies on the actors nominated. A recipe for disaster, but somehow the Emmys pulled it off. Thanks to small moments like Eugene Levy owning the show for 2 minutes, Conan killing it in the small camera time he had, and John Oliver and Lorne honoring the great Norm Macdonald. 

The support group sketch was hilarious and Jason Alexander killed it. Get the man an Emmy! I expected The Crown and Ted Lasso to win a lot of awards and they did which is good and all, but how the hell did Michael K. Williams not win?! The Academy is going to have to deal with the ghost of Omar. 

I expected the Emmys to suck, bad. But it was watchable, and even had some re-watchable moments. 

Week 2 turned out to be good and so did the Emmys, so Sunday turned out to be an entertaining day. Alright, I’ll admit it, I didn’t leave my comfortable chair all day, happy?! 

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