Week 1 Overreactions

With week 1 almost in the books (Ravens-Raiders playing tonight) now is the time for the media to overreact to everything that happened on Thursday and Sunday. I am not one who overreacts often, I like to think I’m a laid-back guy (my therapist disagrees). But I thought it would be fun to do some week 1 overreactions. So here they are:

Zach Wilson is a bust

I cued up the Jets-Panthers game just to watch Zach Wilson, and I was extremely disappointed in him. He started terribly and got better as the game progressed, but he was never able to establish a rhythm. It didn’t help that his offensive line allowed him to get sacked 6 times, but still, he should’ve scrambled on a couple of blitzes. 

Wilson never looked comfortable, and for whatever reason, he refused to leave the pocket. Tom Brady scrambled outside the pocket more times than Zach Wilson. Wilson is a young guy, you would think he’d scramble whenever he faced pressure. Instead of scrambling he would throw into traffic or throw the ball away. 

If Wilson refuses to leave the pocket he will have an unsuccessful year, and in New York, one bad year means you’re going to be kicked to the curb. Let’s see if Zach Wilson is another Sam Darnold, or if he will be able to shake off a bad week and lead the Jets out of their rebuilding phase. 

Mac is Meh

Mac Jones is either treasured by New England fans or despised. Some see Jones as the Patriots savior, some see him as an out-of-shape product of Saban’s system quarterback. After week 1 people will likely agree with the doubters after a meh performance by Jones. Belichick trusts Jones, so much so he cut Cam Newton, a former MVP. Will Mac Jones return the favor? Will Jones prove he’s more than a game manager? And will he be the Patriots savior? After his performance in week 1 things don’t look great for the Patriots or Mac Jones. 

Josh Allen isn’t great

Josh Allen had a great year last year, but will he have another great year this year? He played horribly against a team that has no identity. Great players don’t have horrible games against bad teams, so is Josh Allen a great QB? Right now I would say no, he’s not a great quarterback. 

Allen only completed 58.8% of his passes against a decent secondary, on top of that he didn’t get things done with his legs. Allen allowed the Steelers to come back in the second half, and once again didn’t get things done when they needed to get done. 

Josh Allen is a good quarterback, not a great one. You have to love week 1 overreactions. 

Teddy Bridgewater is a good quarterback

Teddy Bridgewater and the Broncos embarrassed the Giants yesterday, but are they a good team? After week 1 I would say they are a good team. Their defense was good, but one could credit Jason Garrett’s crappy play calling. Their offense was surprisingly good, and even more, surprising Teddy Bridgewater had a good game. 

Everyone likes Teddy Bridgewater, but he isn’t known for being a great, even good quarterback. However, after week 1 Bridgewater turned some heads with his performance, and now we have to wonder, are the Broncos a good team? 

After week 1 I’d say yes. They have a good secondary, they have a great pass rusher in Von Miller, their backfield is above average, they have good wide receivers, and an experienced quarterback in Bridgewater. If the Broncos can continue to move the chains on third down, make big plays when needed, and get Bridgewater to play consistently, the Broncos will be a dangerous team. 

Should Jon Gruden still be a coach?

The Raiders haven’t even played yet, but I figured I’d get ahead of the curve. 

Mike Tomlin will find a way to make the Steelers a playoff team

Mike Tomlin is one of the greatest coaches of all time, but he has a not-so-great team. Roethlisberger is a shell of his former self, and their offense has no identity, but after week 1 I think Tomlin will find a way to get the Steelers to the Wild Card round. He almost coached the Steelers to the playoffs when Mason Rudolph was their starting quarterback, so don’t be surprised if the Steelers make an appearance in January. 

The Bengals are a dangerous team

That Joe Burrow is something else, and after week 1 I think that the Bengals are one good defensive player away from being a playoff team. I sound crazy, I know that. But after they were able to come back against the Vikings, play against the Vikings momentum, and win a tightly contested on the road, I’m convinced the Bengals are a good team. 

Their offense is dangerous. They have Joe Burrow, Joe Mixon, Ja’Marr Chase, Tee Higgins, and Tyler Boyd. Burrow is a season away from taking the superstar leap, Mixon is finally healthy, Chase is on his way to becoming a feared wide receiver, Higgins is becoming a superstar in front of our eyes, and Tyler Boyd is a nice safety blanket for Burrow. 

All they need is a player on defense that can lead them. I will say however, their defense got some key stops in OT that showed flashes of a good defensive team. 

The Bengals might not make the playoffs this year, but next year they will be a team that everyone will fear. 

Lamar Jackson is overrated

Again, the Ravens haven’t played yet, but this is what everyone will say after he fails to throw the ball downfield and not trust himself in clutch situations. 

Baker Mayfield is holding the Browns back

Imagine if Kevin Stefanski had a game manager that didn’t throw interceptions late in games, or a quarterback that didn’t shake in his shoes in clutch situations. Baker Mayfield is stuck with the role of game manager, and neither Stefanski nor Mayfield is happy with the situation. Stefanski wants an Alex Smith type of player to anchor the offense while Chubb and Hunt run for 150 yards, Mayfield wants to throw 40 touchdowns a year and be the star. This is not a beneficial relationship for either of the two and while they are together nothing good is going to happen. 

An Alex Smith type player is clutch like Alex Smith was. Baker Mayfield has reminded us many times (once in the playoffs) that he is not a clutch player, and we have to move on from Baker-Mania. Stefanski can’t be happy with Baker, and Baker can’t be happy with throwing 25 touchdowns a year. 

Titans are going to suck

The Titans were embarrassed by the Cardinals yesterday, and I was surprised, to say the least. The Titans hit their ceiling two years ago when they made the AFC Conference Championship game, and from there they have slowly gone downhill.

Ryan Tannehill is not a great quarterback, we all know that, but for the last two seasons, he has tricked us into believing he’s a good enough quarterback. Well, after week 1 we saw the Ryan Tannehill of old, and this may be the version of Tannehill that will stay. After 1 game it doesn’t look like he has any chemistry with Julio Jones or even Derrick Henry. You would’ve thought that Henry and Tannehill never played a down together, that’s how poorly they played together against Arizona. 

Speaking of Derrick Henry, the workhorse finally showed he’s human after a bad game against the Cardinals. Workhorses’ like Henry tend to completely break down, could this be that year for Henry? Once the legs go, so does the production. 

The defense is okay at best and definitely won’t win them any games anytime soon. The Titans better hope Tannehill, Henry, and Jones step up. 

The Urban Meyer experiment has failed

The Jaguars lost to the terrible Texans 37-21, and I put all the blame on head coach Urban Meyer. I think he sucks, and won’t be able to translate his success to the NFL. That’s all I have to say about that. 

The Giants need to go back into full rebuild mode

Welp, the Giants f*cking suck. Joe Judge is terrible at controlling his team, Jason Garret makes my blood boil, and the defensive coordinator (whoever he is) sucks at stopping the other team on third down. 

The Daniel Jones era needs to come to an end after this season. He can’t move the offense downfield, he fumbles every other possession, and can’t complete three passes in a row if his life depended on it. He just sucks. 

Jason Garrett is killing Saquon’s career by calling crappy run plays up the middle, and will probably make Saquon want to find a new home. Jason Garrett also can’t read a defense to save his life, a great quality in an offensive coordinator. 

It’s time to strip the coaching staff and front office, again……..

The Cowboys are going to have a losing record

Bad defense trumps good offense. That’s all I have to say about that. 

The Cardinals are going to make the playoffs

Kyler Murray put on a clinic against the Titans yesterday, and on defense Chandler Jones dominated. Jones wracked up 5 sacks, Murray threw 4 touchdowns (ran for 1 TD), and Hopkins continued to embarrass the opponent’s secondary. If the offense can continue to hit on all cylinders, and the defense can continue to put pressure on the opponent’s QB they will roll into the playoffs.

The Rams are Super Bowl contenders

The last time Matthew Stafford had a top 10 defense he made the playoffs with an 11-5 record. Well, this year he has the best defense in the league and two great weapons in Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp. Sean McVay wants to prove he can win without Jared Goff, and that Goff was to blame for their poor play the last two years. 

The defense is lethal and will win many games for Los Angeles. Watch out for the Rams, that’s all I’ll say. 

Aaron Rodgers is intentionally tanking to get one over on the front office before he retires

I believe that Rodgers is intentionally losing and playing poorly to torture the Packers front office for treating him poorly. Yes, I really do believe that. 

The Saints are better than the Bucs

Jameis Winston threw 5 touchdowns and no interceptions, Sean Payton fixed him! Kamara continues to play well, and the defense is above average. I really do believe that if Winston stops throwing into triple coverage the Saints have a real shot at winning their division. 

That wraps up week 1 overreactions, tune in next week for week 2 overreactions: I was wrong about everything. 

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