Trae Young is Satan

Trae Young is the most infuriating player in the league. He constantly gets away with offensive fouls, all his offensive stats are all garbage time stats, and a dead guy could play better defense than him. He thinks he’s Steph Curry, but he’s really not. Steph can make deep threes, Young can’t. ESPN only shows the three-pointers he does make, not the ones that are air balls or miss badly. Young not only sucks on defense he is the biggest cherry picker when it comes to assists. His numbers are so inflated because all of his rookie season, and half this season none of the games he played in mattered. The Hawks weren’t a legitimate team (still aren’t) until Nate McMillan took over, and John Collins stopped injected himself with steroids. 

The Young-Capela duo is one of the worst in the league. Capela is completely irrelevant in today’s game, and when he gets 12 flashy points because they’re all lobs, teams don’t care. Clint Capela didn’t matter to the Rockets, and he doesn’t matter to the Hawks. When John Collins isn’t injecting himself with steroids in a McDonald’s bathroom he is decent at best. He is another player that isn’t necessary to a team, and therefore the “duo” Trae and Collins make up are null and void. 

Trae is a shit talker that’s for sure, but is that because he is shit at shit-talking? “I’ll see you in Atlanta.” That’s what Trae was saying to the Knicks players after game 2, uhhhh duh. We know we will see you in Atlanta, you’re called the Atlanta Hawks. Trae Young wouldn’t do jack sh*t in a fight, Randle would beat him any day of the week.

The worst thing about Trae Young is how he plays. On offense, he does nothing but lean into defenders to get a foul call, and when he doesn’t he complains to the refs. Incessantly. He shoots 9 free throws a game, I’m sure that’s a lot of fun to watch. Young is the worst defender I’ve ever seen in my life. He has no basketball IQ to speak of. He’s a mediocre three-point shooter at best. Cherrypicks assists. Did I mention he can’t play defense to save his life?

Young is what’s wrong with the modern-day NBA, a star who only tries on offense. The NBA is increasingly being filled with players that only play offense, and don’t try on defense *cough* Bradley Beal *cough*. The Knicks would’ve had this series in the bag if they made Young play defense, I can’t express enough how bad Young is on defense. For reference, my dead grandma would play better defense than him. Playing well on defense is becoming a commodity for a team. 

When I watch Trae Young bring the ball up it’s obvious he has three things in mind: shoot a deep three, throw a lob to Capela, or commit an offensive foul by leaning into the defender to try and get a foul call. He has no sense for how an opposing team’s defense works, he just does one of those three things. No adjustments are made ever, when in doubt do one of those three things. He’s almost like Steve Nash minus the talent, and IQ. 

Young can’t lead a team to the playoffs, I’m sorry he can’t do it. With Nate McMillan as head coach, Lou Williams leading the bench, Huerter with increased minutes, and a team filled with shooters, they would’ve made the playoffs. 

To recap, he can’t play defense, he can’t lead a team to the playoffs single-handedly, but he can complain to the refs every 10 seconds with great poise. Young and Luka are setting a precedent for future players that whining to the refs every call you don’t like is okay. It’s not, it’s extremely annoying. The game stops being played by professionals when there’s constant whining, it begins to be played by children. 

Trae Young is what’s wrong with the NBA, all offense no defense style of play that is meant for the highlight reel. Young wouldn’t hack it in New York, and if he didn’t get every single call the Knicks would’ve had a fighting chance. But the announcers and the refs seemed determined to give this series to Atlanta.

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