Trae Young Chokes!

Anyone who watched the Knicks-Hawks game last night witnessed a choke job. The Hawks blew multiple big leads and didn’t seem to care. Nate McMillan stood there with an expression that said, “Oh crap we’re about to blow a 10 point lead, I better take out Trae Young.” It was obvious they couldn’t take the crowd noise which looked loud, but I wouldn’t know because TNT mutes the crowd. It takes so much away from the game, especially with a New York crowd. I was able to hear “F*ck Trae Young” chants, however, which most definitely affected his play. 

Trae looked at the crowd multiple times like, “Do you guys really not like me?” He seemed upset by the lack of support he was getting from the New York fans, the first time he ever got such backlash. He has been cuddled his entire career, now he’s facing opposition, and it looked like it affected him. Trae Young was about to make the leap to superstar today, but instead, he rode the bench during the most important parts of the game. Young only played 35 minutes and seemed content to only play 35 minutes. He could’ve made the leap if he made Nate McMillan keep him in the game, and drop 45. But instead, he sat on the bench while the Knicks erased the Hawk’s lead, and built up their lead. 

For reference, Derrick Rose, who has an injury list longer than a mile, played 39 minutes. Young pouted on the bench while Rose led his team to victory. That’s just embarrassing, Young is supposed to be in his prime which means he should be playing 38 minutes a game in the playoffs, but instead he chills out on the bench. 

Young expected to get a warm reaction, but instead, the crowd shushed him. He really seemed to be put off by the crowd, they did get to him. Towards the end of the game when he was the inbound passer the crowd was chanting, “F*ck Trae Young”, and he looked upset. Not just a face that said, “C’mon guys”, his face said, “Wait, you guys don’t like me??” Young was finally put in his place for the first time in his career. 

Trae’s entire career has been filled with stats that shouldn’t count. His ppg is so high because the offense is give Trae Young the ball, he gets so many assists because the defense doesn’t bother to guard the other scrubs on the court, and his usage rate is so high it’s unreal. His defense is pathetic, and that’s being nice. He has never played in a game that’s mattered until today, and he crumbled. Like I said before, he was content with riding the bench deep into the fourth quarter, he was fine with sitting on the bench when the Knicks erased a 10 point deficit and was sad that the crowd didn’t baby him. I hate to be the one to tell you Trae, but New York fans don’t take your feelings into account. We’ll try to be nicer, okay? Because we don’t want to win, we want to coddle your feelings like everyone else does with you. We’ll stop chanting, “F*ck Trae Young”, we’ll start chanting “We love Trae Young.” Is that better? Can you now play well, and beat the Knicks? Again we don’t want to win in the playoffs if that means your feelings get hurt. Wussy.

Derrick Rose is 10 years older than Trae and has had so many career-ending injuries it’s bewildering how he can still play. Yet, he played 4 more minutes than Young and carried his team to the win. If Trae were to once again silence the crowd and lead his team to a 2-0 series lead, I would shut my mouth and call Trae Young a superstar. But he choked, and now the series is even. Trae should be embarrassed that he was outplayed by a player 8 years past his prime. I don’t hear Trae now.

I’m sure all 500 Atlanta Hawk fans will show up, and give the Knicks hell. As if players on the Knicks haven’t heard hell from fans before. Don’t forget New York fans will berate their own team, which is something they’ve done throughout the year when displeased with the Knicks play. Julius Randle has been called a bust since he was drafted, RJ has been called the same, Rose gets nothing but crap from fans who say he’s washed up, and the rest of the team is made up of role players with nothing to lose. It’s a recipe for a great team. The Knicks have the star in Julius Randle, the key veteran in Derrick Rose, the upcoming rookie in RJ Barrett, and the bench player who always makes the clutch heat check 3 pointer in Immanuel Quickley. Tibby is the opposite of McMillan, Tibby actually cares. McMillan seems unwilling to change his game plan for Trae Young which was obvious last night. The Hawks win the game easily if he put Trae in to preserve their multiple big leads, but for whatever reason, he would put Trae on the bench, and the Knicks would erase the deficit. 

Young disappeared in the last three minutes, again the crowd got to him. The crowd while messing with Young, also fueled the Knicks in the closing minutes. Rose was running on fumes, but he was able to persevere because the crowd wouldn’t let him fail. Rose emerged from the game, not as a basketball icon, but as an American Hero. All Hail Derrick Rose!!

 Young was also called out by the fans last night for his little bullsh*t move where he creates a foul. For those who don’t know, Young likes to create a foul by leaning into the defender then falling down, and every time he gets the call. It’s so obvious even Mayor Bill De Blasio called him out on it, and I call on the Mayor to go one further. I say he should ban Trae Young from entering New York City again because he might get his feelings hurt by Knick fans. We wouldn’t want to hurt his feelings too bad. 

Young made some good shots, I’ll give him that, but he didn’t play when it mattered most. And when he could’ve made up for it late in the 4th quarter he was too preoccupied with what the fans were chanting. Trae needs to up his game if he wants to be taken seriously in this league.

The Knicks have the series in the bag, and if they don’t I’ll eat crow. I’ll write an article about how Trae Young stood up to the haters and showed he is a superstar. But I highly doubt that happens, and if the Hawks do win the series it’s because the Knicks blew it, not because the Hawks won it. Trae Young needs to grow up fast, or else he’s just another star who only performs well in garbage time. 

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