The Yankees sweep the Red Sox: How sweep it is

I didn’t think the Yankees had a sweep in them. I’m still shocked the Yankees were able to get past so many mistakes and still win. Are the Yankees a good team? A team that can make so many seemingly game-ending mistakes, but still land on their feet? Oh crap, are the Yankees World Series contenders? I freaking hope so, I can’t take another ALCS loss. 

Going into the series against the Red Sox I said that all they had to do was take 2 out of 3, they cannot leave Boston without winning 2 out of 3. This was a series the Yankees needed to win, but I never expected a sweep. I expected the bullpen to implode, Stanton to strike out with the bases loaded, or Boone to screw the Yankees over. I was right about Boone screwing the Yankees over, but we’ll get to that later. 

The bullpen didn’t implode, and Stanton made his case for greatest Yankee to ever live and I’m only half-joking.

After the first game, I was ready to give Gerrit Cole the Cy Young Award myself. He threw 6 solid innings and only made one mistake, other than that mistake he was terrific. The offense clicked, Boone overmanaged but in a good way, and the Yankees guaranteed that they wouldn’t get swept. 

Game two of the three-game series is an instant classic. Going into the top of the 8th inning down by 1 run and the bases loaded Stanton put a ball into orbit. He hit a grand slam and gave the Yankees a 5-2, and would eventually win 5-3. Stanton has been a rock for the Yankees since the beginning of August, but I would have never expected him to put the team on his back, especially in late September. We’re still waiting for that ball to land, it was hit so far and hard all the Red Sox announcers could do is announce their disbelief, Chapman continues to worry the hell out of me because his fastball dipped to 94 and hasn’t reached 100 in a while. If the Yankees make the playoffs and in a deciding game Boone puts Chapman in and Chappy blows it, I’m gonna lose it. But how dare Boone hurt Chapman’s confidence? He must keep the role of closer or else he’ll have no confidence. I’m sure the fact that his fastball is gone and his uncertain look every time he enters a game doesn’t hurt his confidence. 

Last night’s game was in a word, insane. Multiple times I gave up on the Yankees, believed Boone was secretly working for the Red Sox, planned Tyler Wade’s funeral, and cursed out both teams. The Yankees defense is concerning, and I believe in the inning and a third Chad Green pitched he collected 8 outs, but somehow things worked out. 

Joe West’s call was bad, I won’t try and defend it. BUT, Alex Cora didn’t even go out there and argue or give the Red Sox fans in attendance a chance to look at the play on the scoreboard. So I wouldn’t say the Yankees got a call, I would say Cora let that call happen. 

Judge is a gamer plain and simple. In 2 years he will fulfill his destiny and become the next Yankees Captain. In the present, he’s not disappointing, not one bit. A beyond clutch double that drove in two runs to give the Yankees the lead, Judge is why the Yankees are in the position they are in. Judge and a little-known player called Giancarlo Stanton. 

Stanton put the team on his back and got some assistance by Judge in the third game, but other than that double Stanton handed the Yankees a sweep. A grand slam in game 2 and a two-run blast in game 3, goddammit I love Giancarlo Stanton!

I still believe he should get booed when he strikes out and be held accountable just like all Yankee players do, but for now, let’s enjoy the Stantonian blasts!

Aaron Boone needs to be fired, he just needs to go. He is bad for the Yankees, he just is! In game 3 he took Montgomery out too early, took Clay Holmes out too early, put in Joely Rodriguez in for some reason, and gave Wade the steal sign on a 3-1 count. Boone has been saved by Stanton and won’t get questions on why he took Monty and Holmes out so early, which is a good thing? Actually, it’s not a good thing, it’s a bad thing. 

Boone jeopardized this game so many times it’s not even funny. Not even a little. He is killing Monty’s arm and confidence by taking him out too early. Now any time Monty has to throw 100 pitches his arm will be shot because Boone always takes him out too early. Monty is the next Andy Pettitte, but Boone treats Monty like Torre treated Denny Neagle. 

Boone still hasn’t learned his lesson about taking relievers out after they had a dominant inning because he took Clay Holmes out after he struck out the side on 11 pitches. He took Clay Holmes the Yankee’s best reliever of the second half for Joely Rodriguez who gave up the lead, Boone was saved by the offense, but how many more times will that happen?

The Yankees have been up and down all year long, but they might have finally “beaten it.” They got in their own way like a ton of self saboteurs so many times, but still found a way to win. That’s the Yankees I know, the Yankees we all know and love. 

The Yankees’ next 6 games are against the Blue Jays and Rays. If they go 4-2 I’ll be happy. F the Red Sox, and let’s get number 28 baby! 

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