The Mets suck and the Yankees don’t

During the first few months of the season, I thought I was in the bizarro world. The Mets were doing okay and the Yankees were sucking up the joint. I started to think that the Mets might even win the NL East and the Yankees wouldn’t even make the playoffs. Instead of putting faith into that notion, I allowed father time to ruin the Mets and it took him a couple of months but it finally happened. The Mets are the Titanic and watching them sink is hilarious. 

The Mets are 63-67 and are 7.5 games back in their division and 7 games back in the Wild Card standings. Met fans bragged for a couple of months about how they’re the first team in New York and how they are better than the Yankees. Well now Met fans are booing their own team and have alienated all their players. It’s gotten so bad over in Queens players are booing the fans. If I had to sum up the Mets franchise in one sentence I’d give them that one. The players are booing the fans, classic Mets. 

Their lack of pitching and lack of situational hitting has led to their decline. It could also be because their two key acquisitions Francisco Lindor and Javier Baez have been sucking up the joint. And in classic Mets fashion their best player Jacob deGrom is on the IL and we have no idea when he will be able to come back. Only a player on the Mets could have one of the best pitching seasons in baseball history only for them to get hurt in the middle of the season and have their perfect year ruined. Classic Mets. 

Also, their best pitcher is 33 with right shoulder issues, once again, classic Mets. I honestly believe their franchise is cursed, and I love it. They haven’t won since ‘86 and they only won because of a freak error made by Bill Buckner. They blew it in ‘06, they choked so hard in 2007 I think every Mets fan became an alcoholic after that, and they blew it to a team from Kansas City in 2015. Oh, and they were embarrassed by the Yankees in the 2000 World Series. CLASSIC METS. 

The Mets beat the Yankees a couple of times early in the season and Met fans everywhere celebrated like they won the World Series. I was surprised they didn’t shut down streets in the City so they could have parades to celebrate their win. I was at a game between the Mets and Yankees where the Yankees lost to the Mets and fell to a 41-41 record. Mets fans everywhere had a funeral for the Yankees that day and Yankee fans didn’t have much ground to stand on. Other than the 27 World Championships. 

But the Yankees fought back and now have a 76-54 record, and the Mets have a 63-67 record. Oh how the turntables have turned. I now call for the funeral of the Mets season, they will be mathematically eliminated in a matter of weeks and will only embarrass themselves over the last month of the season. 

The Yankees have been the exact opposite of the Mets however. Instead of giving up they fought back against adversity and had a great month of August. They recovered from the gut-punch that was the Field of Dreams game and went on a 13 game winning streak. Though they didn’t gain too many games on the Rays in that span, they did regain the top spot in the AL Wild Card. They now have a 2.5 game lead on the Red Sox and don’t plan on looking back. 

Here’s the difference between the Yankees and Mets. Whenever the Mets have a string of tough losses, they give up. The fans turn on the team and the team rolls over and dies. The manager (on cue) starts making idiotic moves like taking pitchers out too early, benching hot hitters, and alienating the clubhouse. Whenever the Yankees had a string of tough losses (and they had a couple) they kept fighting, and instead of rolling over to die they kept their heads down and played the game hard. When I watch the Mets their players look so defeated even if it’s the first inning. They just have a look on their face like they know they’ll blow the lead in the 8th inning. Whenever the Mets lose a couple in a row their players give up, it’s hard to watch honestly. The players look like they’re about to cry because they can’t take criticism from their own fans. 

For instance, Javier Baez said that the fans contribute to their losses because the players don’t feel their support. Oh, I’m sorry Javier, would you like the fans to not boo you when you swing at a pitch that was five feet out of the zone, we’re sorry we’ll try and keep it down next time. It’s not like you’re a professional or anything. 

Lindor looks like he’s in hell. I bet right now he’s thinking that staying in Cleveland wouldn’t have been such a bad thing. Over there he was treated like a God and over here he’s treated like he should be. He’s playing badly so the media and fans will react badly towards him. Lindor obviously doesn’t get that the fans in New York won’t praise him as their savior all the time, and if he wants the fans to cheer him he has to play well. Lindor and Baez can’t handle the pressure in New York. Something I’ve been saying for a long time now. 

Players on the Yankees are resilient unlike players on the Mets. When a player on the Yankees gets booed like Giancarlo Stanton he doesn’t boo them back and trash talk the fans to the press. He keeps his head down and gets back in the batter’s box and hits a 450 foot home run. Stanton knows how to ride the wave in New York, Lindor and Baez don’t. That’s why Stanton will thrive in New York for years to come and Lindor and Baez won’t. 

Aaron Boone knows how to handle the media and how to handle rowdy fans. Luis Rojas doesn’t stick up for his players like Boone does for his. Rojas instead sits on the bench and makes bad move after bad move. That’s why Boone will be managing the Yankees for years to come and Rojas will be fired in the offseason. Sometimes I think Rojas knows this team is a sinking ship and makes bad moves intentionally. Like he’s playing a sick prank on Met fans. If he is really doing that I would respect him a lot more than I do now. 

It’s the age-old story, the Yankees are good and the Mets are bad. Even when the Mets are good we all know they will blow it eventually. And when the Yankees were bad we all knew they would become a good team eventually. Yup, it seems like everything’s coming up Yankees, and everything isn’t coming up Mets. Classic Mets. 

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