The Last Week in Sports

Since I last posted, the Bucks advanced to the Conference Finals, the Clippers advanced to the Conference Finals, the Hawks advanced to the Conference Finals, the Suns took a 1-0 lead against the Clippers, and Jon Rahm won the U.S. Open. Now it’s time to unpack all of that.

Bucks Shock the Basketball World

I am 100% certain everyone thought KD would make the final shot in overtime. I think KD thought he made it for a second, but the ball didn’t touch anything but the ground. He airballed. His legs finally gave out on him in overtime, I hate to say it but Kevin Durant is human. He sent the game to overtime on an incredible shot over P.J. Tucker but failed to score after that. I’m not going to criticize KD because he’s coming off a possible career-ending injury and played all of game 6, and game 7. 

Instead, I’m going to give props to Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Bucks. Giannis gave a gritty performance, slashing a 40/13/5 line. He also played 50 minutes, that’s right Giannis Antetokounmpo played more than 35 minutes in a game. Giannis looked exhausted by the third quarter, but somehow he kept going. Budenholzer was smart enough to rest him in short intervals throughout the game. Whoever would’ve thought I would be saying something nice about Mike Budenholzer. Who is still one of the worst playoff coaches in the NBA, and got lucky KD’s legs died in overtime. But he made the right substitutions at the right times, and for that, he has earned some of my respect. What an honor for him. 

The Clippers make history

I never thought that the Clippers would make it this far, nobody ever thought this was the season they finally end their 51-year-old drought. But they did it, and for the time being, they are the first team in L.A. I thought the Clippers were done after going down 2-0 to the Mavericks, I thought they would lose game 6 against the Mavs, and when they won I still thought they would lose game 7. I have underestimated the entire Clippers team, Ty Lue has done a great job this year, Paul George has finally figured it out, Reggie Jackson has turned into the greatest player of all time, and Terrance Mann single-handedly beat the Jazz in game 6. 

I thought that the Clippers would lose to the Jazz, especially after they went down 2-0, and then I thought they would lose after losing Kawhi Leonard. But Terrance “F-ing” Mann stabbed a knife in the Jazz’s heart game 6, making what felt like 100 threes. Donovan Mitchell gave everything he had, but PG, Mann, and Jackson weren’t having it. 

The Clippers finally ended their drought, and are now facing the Suns. Currently, they are down 1-0 in the series, but if this playoff run has taught us anything it’s don’t count out the Clippers. Never thought I would ever say that. If Chris Paul is out for the entire series, or even enough games for the Clippers to take a lead, the Clippers will finally make it to the NBA Finals. Devin Booker put the Suns on his back in game 1 and has had an incredible playoff. But how many games can Booker do that? It’s only a matter of time before PG has a signature game, or when Reggie Jackson makes a clutch three, or Terrance Mann makes a couple of heat check three’s.

How high can the Hawks fly?

I didn’t think the Hawks would beat the Knicks, but they did. I didn’t think the Hawks could beat the 76ers, but they did. The Hawks have proven me wrong all playoffs, and I’m here to say they are going to LOSE against the Bucks. I’d be surprised if they push the series to 5 games, the playoff run ends in Milwaukee. Trae Young showed me in game 7 that he can’t be trusted to win the game for the Hawks, instead, he left it up to the “others”. If Kevin Huerter didn’t score 27 points the Hawks would’ve lost, and I’d be talking about the 76ers. If Ben Simmons shot the open layup late in the fourth quarter instead of passing the ball, I’d be talking about the 76ers. Trae Young has had an impressive playoff run I guess. If you’re into watching him get half of his points from the free-throw line, and not play defense. My hatred of Trae Young continues to grow with each game he wins because the refs give him every foul call. 

I believe that Adam Silver told the refs what calls to make before games 6 and 7 started, and I think he told the refs to give every foul call imaginable to the Hawks. Probably to get Coca-Cola to partner up with the NBA or something. 

The “others” aren’t going to fare well against the Bucks I can guarantee that. Young will be stopped by Jrue Holiday, Collins by Giannis, Huerter by Middleton, and Capela by Lopez. The Bucks are a good team defensively, the Hawks are not. I know for a fact that when things get ugly the Bucks can prevail like they did in game 3 against Brooklyn. The Hawks are a good enough team to maybe win one game, but the Bucks are going to dominate this series. 

Don’t Trust the Process

Joel Embiid’s infamous quote, “Trust the Process”, was nice at the time, but we’ve all trusted the process and the process ain’t working. Ben Simmons has to go, I’ve been on Team wait it out, but now I’m on Team trade Simmons. Morey has to shop Simmons around, and honestly, I think that the 6ers should trade him for next to nothing if they can’t trade him before the season starts. Or even in the offseason so they’ll have the cap space to sign a point guard that knows how to shoot. I swear to God, if I read or even hear about an article about how Ben Simmons has improved his jump shot, I will lose it! 

Embiid needs to rest this offseason and work on his cardio. That’s the problem with players nowadays, coaches play them for 32 minutes in the regular season then expecting them to play 40 minutes in the playoffs and play well. That’s unreasonable, a star should be able to play 35 minutes a game. Sure they need days off every now and then, but in return, they should give their team at least 35 minutes on the court. 

How fitting Doc Rivers once again choked in the playoffs, and on the scorer’s table behind him it showed a graphic promoting the Suns-Clippers series. 

It was an exciting week in sports, all the playoff games were good, and Jon Rahm edged out a win in the U.S. Open. The Yankees are finally picking their game up, and Boone is once again winning over the Yankees fan base. Let’s hope that the Hawks don’t make it to the NBA Finals because they would be one of the worst team’s ever to do so, and hope that Chris Paul plays in the Conference Finals.

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