Actors NBA counterparts

After rewatching The Departed for the 73rd time, I realized DiCaprio and Damons’ performances were comparable to LeBron vs. Durant in the NBA Finals. I got to wondering if DiCaprio is the LeBron James of… Read More »Actors NBA counterparts

Are the Knicks good?

Last year the Knicks were the little engine that could, but coming into the new season they’re projected to do great things, will they live up to the hype or fall short? The Knicks have… Read More »Are the Knicks good?

Week 1 Overreactions

With week 1 almost in the books (Ravens-Raiders playing tonight) now is the time for the media to overreact to everything that happened on Thursday and Sunday. I am not one who overreacts often, I… Read More »Week 1 Overreactions

NFL Preview

I think we all can agree that because of COVID-19 and other factors last season was different from other seasons. But this season is different. Oh, wait, what’s that? DeAndre Hopkins said what? Cole Beasley… Read More »NFL Preview

Bucks in 6?

The Bucks are one win away from winning their first NBA championship since 1971, but do they have it in them to close the series out? Can Middleton still be effective even though he’s dragging… Read More »Bucks in 6?

Game 4: Holy Shit

Game 4 was one of the greatest games that I’ve ever seen. Never have I ever seen the NBA rig a game so flawlessly since the 2002 WCF. By my count Devin Booker fouled out… Read More »Game 4: Holy Shit

Suns in 4?

The Suns won Game 1, but can they win it in 4? I think that they can. The Suns are the superior team offensively and defensively. Here are some of the key reasons I believe… Read More »Suns in 4?

The Last Week in Sports

Since I last posted, the Bucks advanced to the Conference Finals, the Clippers advanced to the Conference Finals, the Hawks advanced to the Conference Finals, the Suns took a 1-0 lead against the Clippers, and… Read More »The Last Week in Sports

The Giannis Dilemma

Giannis Antetokounmpo is not clutch, he will never be clutch, and he will always do this to us. Meaning he will dominate when the lights are too bright, but once the lights are all on… Read More »The Giannis Dilemma

Damn Yankees!

Welp, the Yankees have finally done it, they’ve managed to alienate their entire fanbase. Holy cow, do the Yankees suck. From the pitching staff to the hitting to the managing it is hard to watch.… Read More »Damn Yankees!