Suns in 4?

The Suns won Game 1, but can they win it in 4? I think that they can. The Suns are the superior team offensively and defensively. Here are some of the key reasons I believe the Suns can win this series in just 4 games.

The Bucks don’t have the third greatest point guard of all time on their team

Chris Paul is the third greatest point guard of all time, I wanted to make it clear unless you thought I was talking about Cameron Payne. I wasn’t sure how well Paul would do in his first appearance in the Finals, and for a quarter it looked like it was going to be a shit show. But just like the prodigal son, Chris Paul returned and delivered a great performance. CP3 slashed a 32-4-9 line and did a great job as game manager. Paul was crossing up defenders and carving up the defense all game. Every play after the first quarter he ran the pick and roll so he would get Brook Lopez to defend him and every time he scored over the big man. CP3 is the old man chasing the ring, aka the best storyline in sports, and it looks like he is going to get that ring. 

Deandre Ayton is basically Tim Duncan

Ayton was magnificent in his first Finals game. Tim Duncan and Ayton are the only players to have at least 15 points and 15 rebounds in their first Finals game. That’s insane. Which begs the question, is Deandre Ayton the new Tim Duncan? The answer isssssssssss no. But it’s very fun to watch Ayton catch lobs and grab boards. Chris Paul has made Ayton the player he is now, and the player he is now is a slightly less valuable Tim Duncan. Nobody will ever be another Tim Duncan, but Ayton is coming pretty close. He’s not there yet defensively or even offensively, but at the rate he’s going he will be the next Timmy D. 

Mike Budenholzer is a tool

I’ve been calling on the Bucks to fire Budenholzer since the end of the 2020 playoffs, but for whatever reason they don’t take my calls. And now that he got the Bucks to the Finals he will never be fired. Budenholzer is going to be the Bucks coach for the next 2 years at least. Which is great for me (a Knicks fan), but not so good for Bucks fans. Monty Williams knows how to read defenses and make adjustments, I don’t think Budenholzer can. I think Mikey Budenholzer is illiterate when it comes to reading offenses and defenses. Which is a problem when you’re the coach of a basketball team. Budenholzer for whatever reason kept Brook Lopez in the game even though Chris Paul was picking on him all game, he played Bryn Forbes in crunch time, misused Giannis, kept Jrue Holiday in too long, and had the same dumbfounded response on his face all game. He needs to go even if the Bucks do somehow pull off a miracle and win the next 4 of 6. 

Giannis is hurt, which is good for the Suns

Giannis didn’t look right all game, he had some plays where it looked like he was alright but then had some plays where he looked really bad. He had to play game 1, but was it for the best? Let’s say that Giannis didn’t play game 1, does that mean he would be better and healthier for game 2? I think so and I don’t think so. Giannis didn’t help the Bucks out all too much when they cut the lead to 7 in the fourth quarter and didn’t help them when the Suns were pulling away in the third quarter. He hadn’t played in a week and is playing a bad knee so I won’t criticize him too much. But it’s the Finals this is where legends are made, and if Giannis can’t get his team a ring on a bad knee, don’t expect me to praise him as a God. Expect me to treat him like a great regular season player who can’t get it done in the playoffs. 

Chris Paul won’t let his team lose which means he might move up in my greatest point guards of all-time ranking, from third to second. So now my top three point guards would be Magic, CP3, and Isiah Thomas. Paul is known for clamming up in the clutch, but not this series, not after all he’s overcome. The Suns might not win in 4, but most likely in 5. And when they do win the series, CP3 will have proven all the doubters and haters wrong, and finally cement himself as a legendary player. 

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