Is Jacob deGrom on crack?

I believe this is a legitimate question, Jacob deGrom may be on crack. Here’s why I say he’s on crack, deGrom plays in New York, and he pitches for the Mets. Need anything else?

deGrom is having an unreal year sporting a 0.68 ERA, 1.02 FIP, and 14.63 K/9. However, in classic Mets fashion deGrom is only 3-2. For reference, Steven Matz has 5 wins, along with a terrible 4.86 ERA. I’m convinced if I were to become a pitcher and play for an entire season I would end up with more wins than Jacob deGrom.

From 2018 through 2020 deGrom had 25 wins in three years. Ron Guidry had a 25 win season in one year, it took deGrom three years to get 25 total wins. Because of deGrom’s age (32 turning 33 next month), he may very well end up with less than 150 career wins. And there are enough old farts who vote for the Hall of Fame to block deGrom from making it because of his career win total.

Which is truly sad, well it’s kind of funny from the perspective of a Yankee fan. deGrom might end up being the greatest Mets pitcher of all time, and he won’t even make the Hall of Fame. Typical Mets.

If I were deGrom I would be on crack. He’s a pitcher with a true gift from the baseball gods but is on the Mets, so he’s been cursed by the baseball gods in reality. He’ll never win a World Series, never win another Cy Young because wins still matter to enough people, and he’ll never smile again. deGrom has a permanent Mikey face from Swingers.

deGrom is on track to have one of the greatest seasons for a player in baseball ever. And he’ll probably lose the MVP to Mookie, the Cy Young to Kershaw, and his soul to the devil. It’s almost like the Mets do this intentionally. Like this is all some sick joke being played by the Mets franchise to make their players miserable just so they can feel like God. Actually, it’s just a funny joke, not a sick one.

Think about it for a moment, Harvey miserable, Wright miserable, Johan Santana miserable. Although Dwight Gooden happy, Daryl Strawberry happy, and Keith Hernandez happy.

What do those players have in common? Drugs. Hernandez has the infamous story of sliding in headfirst so he wouldn’t damage the drugs in his back pocket, and I don’t even have the time to name all the Gooden and Strawberry drug stories. Could deGrom be puffing the magic dragon?

For legal reasons I say no he isn’t. But…….nope still can’t say anything defamatory. Can’t there be any exceptions, like if you say five nice things, and then one defamatory statement, it’s okay? I guess not.

Maybe deGrom isn’t literally on crack, but figuratively he’s on crack. I mean there’s no way he can keep his cool every time he pitches an absolute gem, and then his team scores zero runs for him. This post on FanGraphs sums up deGrom’s struggles. For all of you too lazy to read the article, while reading this article, I’ll sum it up for you. deGrom has 27 tough losses which mean he was credited with a loss, even though he pitched well. He has 7 cheap wins. 27:7 simplify that, and it’s not a good ratio, but I can’t do math so I won’t simplify it.

deGrom currently has 73 career wins, but his expected win total is at 89 wins. For those who can’t do the math, that’s a -16 differential.

If you’re not all too familiar with Jacob deGrom yet, and your just a casual fan, but liked the title of this post so you clicked on it, here’s every Jacob deGrom start ever. 7 innings pitched, 1 earned run, 9 strikeouts, and 0 walks. I forgot to mention he was credited with the loss because the Mets were shut out. Permanent Mikey face. After every start when all the players go back to the locker room, and the hitters apologize for giving him no run support, Luis Rojas should go up to deGrom and say, “Who’s the winner tonight? Jakey is the winner that’s who, Jakey’s the winner!!” As if winning a Cy Young with 10 wins isn’t demeaning enough.

deGrom is putting up video game numbers, and he is showing no signs of slowing down. Unfortunately, the offense likes to score 2 runs when deGrom pitches so he will most likely finish the year with 10 wins if he’s lucky. All I’ll say is this, Jacob deGrom would make the Hall of Fame, have his illusive 20 win season, and win a World Series if he signs with the Yankees when he becomes a free agent.

Jacob deGrom is the best pitcher in baseball this season, but because the Mets offense won’t score runs for him, deGrom will remain in baseball purgatory.

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