I’m Done with the Yankees

Last night’s loss was the final straw, I’m done with the Yankees. I’ve been a fan my entire life, but this season has been the worst season I’ve ever seen. Boone straight-up lies to the media, the offense is inconsistent, the bullpen is overworked, and the starters can’t go more than five innings. To top all of this crap off, you already know Cashman won’t do shit when the trade deadline comes around. Trevor Story is being shopped around ready to be traded for some meaningless draft picks and the Yankees have their dick in their hands. DO SOMETHING!

I don’t even know where to start with this team, they’re pathetic. Should I start with the manager who does nothing but feed the media and fans with bullshit lines or the players? I’ll start off with the manager.

Aaron Boone, it’s come to this, you’re making me say this, I’ve been in your corner since 2018 when you were hired but you’ve made me do this. Screw off you incompetent ass. Honestly Boone, where does it end with you? All you do is lie about players’ injuries and their timetable for return, you lie about whether players are hurt or not, and most importantly you lie right to our faces. You have the audacity to manage the New York Yankees and you treat us like this? You’re a bum who couldn’t hack it as a player or broadcaster so now you’re here to destroy the team I love. 

“The season is on the line” that’s what you said before this series, and with the season on the line, you bench Judge and Urshela. Where do you get off? Judge can play 162 games a year you idiot! He played with a collapsed lung, I think he can play a little fatigued, same with Urshela. 

If the season were really on the line (which it is), you would be starting them. This brings up my next point, do you plan on benching Gary Sanchez twice a week and twice in a series if the Yankees make the playoffs because Cole needs a personal catcher? He doesn’t need a personal catcher, he’s Gerrit freaking Cole he’ll have to deal with Gary Sanchez as his catcher. Tell Cole too bad too sad Gary is catching him from now on, you are still the manager, right? Cashman isn’t using you like a puppet unless he is. I don’t know who I hate more the incompetent manager or the incompetent GM who hired the incompetent manager. 

Boone has always been great with standing up for his players, except for this season. The Yankees have been subject to some terrible umpires and what have you done about it? You don’t get ejected instead the bench coach does because he has balls. Instead of trying to rile his players up, he stands there letting the umpire strike out his guys on pitches ten feet too low. If I were on the Yankees I wouldn’t feel protected by my manager right now, therefore I wouldn’t trust my manager. And if there’s no trust there will be no winning!

Boone has done nothing right this season, whether it’s benching players on a hot streak, overusing Chapman (look at what’s happening with him), messing with the lineup too much, or pulling pitchers at the wrong time. He is the perfect example of a bad manager ruining a good team. I can guarantee if the Yankees had a half-decent manager this season they would be sitting in first place. Boone doesn’t allow the offense to find a rhythm because he changes the lineup so freaking much, one day Odor is hitting cleanup the next he’s on the bench (where he belongs). He either pulls his start way too early or way too late. He has used Chapman so much his arm is starting to fall off. And for whatever reason he’s used Lucas Luetge 30 times this season, that’s about 30 times too many dumbass. 

I can’t imagine Boone said anything to his team after the loss. I think he went back to his office, packed up, and went home. He’s also doing a disservice to his players by not working with them through their troubles. Why do I have a hard time picturing Boone talking to Gleyber about his recent struggles? Maybe because Boone doesn’t give a flying you know what. 

2018 he blew it in the playoffs, 2019 Astros cheated, 2020 he blew it, 2021 he won’t even have the chance to blow it because the Yankees won’t make the playoffs while he’s the manager. I was never on the fire Boone movement until now, now I not only want Boone fired I want his name to be erased in the Yankees history book. I will pay ESPN to take Aaron back as a broadcaster, how about 50 dollars? 

Boone is a waste of a manager and should be fired immediately, Carlos Mendoza should replace him as manager. Mendoza actually cares about the Yankees because he’s willing to get thrown out for standing up for his guys, Boone is content with standing on the steps like a pile of shit. I wish Boone would be fired and Cashman would make a trade so we could acquire a center fielder and a starter and a reliever and a left fielder and a reliable backup infielder. But why would Cashman do something good for the Yankees? 

I think I’m done bashing Boone, oh wait a minute that should be a weekly column. “Bashing Boone” the weekly article summarizing all the stupid things he did in the past week. Like starting Rougned Odor and giving DJ LeMahieu a rest even though the Yankees have an off day the next day or putting Chapman in during a blowout and wasting his precious arm. Boone should do the right thing and quit, or even better Cashman should fire his ass. But again why would he do something to benefit the Yankees?

Now it’s time to rip into the players the awful awful players. This is a message to all the hitters on the Yankees, you don’t have to start the at-bat down two strikes you can swing the bat before it’s absolutely necessary too. Watching the offense makes me sick, watching the pitching makes me sick, watching Boone stand on the steps doing nothing makes me sick. Everything about this team makes me sick!

Hitting in clutch situations is the Yankees kryptonite, and I’m not sure if the hitters know this or not but it’s imperative to hit with runners in scoring position to win games. I’m so glad the Yankees are paying Stanton over 300 million dollars so he can strike out with runners in scoring position, and go on the I.L. with an “injury.” I’m also so happy that Gary Sanchez has decided he wants to try again, and Gleyber Torres plays Warzone instead of working on that god-awful swing of his. But again why would the Yankees help themselves out by putting the work in? That’s just silly. 

I saw a tweet a little bit ago that said, “LeMahieu is playing like we expected him when we signed him two years ago.” If that’s not the most factual thing I’ve heard in my life I don’t know what is. If DJ doesn’t hit the Yankees chances to win shrink, if DJ doesn’t hit with runners in scoring position (his specialty until this season) the Yankees have no chance of winning. He has to become LeMachine again or I’m open to trading him in the offseason, that’s that.

I’m wondering if Gio Urshela knows he can do more than go 1 for 4 every night? Because if Gio doesn’t hit at least .285 this year the Yankees have no chance at winning their division. Which we are 8.5 games back in halfway through the season, fun!

Let me circle back to Gleyber Torres real quick. He was supposed to be the guy, he was supposed to be the next Derek Jeter. Instead, he makes an error a game and goes 0 for 4 every night. When Jeter was a rookie he made a lot of errors, but you know how he made up for it? He made up for it by hitting .325 and being the definition of clutch. Torres has the biggest leg kick before swinging I’ve ever seen and he never shortens up when he has two strikes on him, which is just about every at-bat. Gleyber needs to stop trying to hit a home run every at-bat or else he will end up like Chuck Knoblauch. Not to mention there was another shortstop who was pretty good on the Yankees that wasn’t a power hitter, what was his name? Oh yeah, it was Derek Jeter who’s sitting in his mansion with five World Series rings. 

Other than Aaron Judge the outfield is atrocious, Frazier is playing golf at the plate with that swing, Gardner’s bat speed is way too slow, and Andujar swings at everything. I’ll start off with Frazier first because I hate him the most. Such promise he showed, such maturity he showed when the Yankees would send him down instead of making him their starting left fielder. Well, we are seeing his true colors this season, and it ain’t pretty. Frazier has a golf swing that isn’t resulting in home runs, it’s resulting in strikeouts. He’s so concerned with hitting home runs he can’t even hit a single, what a jackass. Frazier is even more concerned with trying to make highlight plays in right field and show off his arm. I know that he doesn’t have to dive for those balls. He intentionally stands back and dives for them even though he doesn’t have to, he’s like a child. 

Brett Gardner, you are a legend, but it’s time to retire. 

No matter how many times you put Andujar in left field or tell me he is a left fielder now I won’t believe it. He has no sense of how to play fly balls that he has to run for, he barely can catch the ones hit right at him. He is a terrible left fielder that doesn’t make up for it at the plate. He swings at pitches five feet outside the zone and has worse plate discipline than a five-year-old. I would rather Boone start a five-year-old than Miguel Andujar who isn’t the same player he was in 2018. Actually, I would rather a five-year-old manage the Yankees than Aaron Boone. 

Luke Voit is looking terrible at the plate so far, which is very encouraging. In the little time, he’s played Voit has done nothing memorable, again that’s very encouraging. Voit tries to hit a home run on every swing instead of trying for a single. Yankee hitters should hit for a single and be happy if they get more. How about that? 

On to the terrible starting rotation, should I start with the 300 million dollar man or the scrub? After careful consideration, I’ll start off with the 300 million dollar man. Gerrit Cole, you are the only reliable starter in the rotation and I believe that the baseball Gods blessed your arm with special powers. But for the love of God, pitch well when we need you the most! In the Boston series, you shit the bed when the Yankees desperately needed to win, you gave up 6 runs to the freakin Red Sox who are in first place by the way. Do you see what a good manager can make a decent team? 

Jordan Montgomery is a good pitcher, don’t get me wrong, but if he doesn’t start becoming more consistent I will have no choice but to remove him from his title as our generation’s Andy Pettitte. Keep the pitch count down, throw the cutter in on righties, and use the curveball as your primary strikeout pitch. Boom! I just solved all your problems, you’re welcome. 

I want to root for Jameson Taillon I really do, but every time he’s on the mound he stinks up the joint. He came back from cancer and Tommy John surgery, not a lot of pitchers could do that, not a lot of people could get through that mentally, but he has. It is incredibly sad that he is our number three pitcher, pathetic really. Every time he pitches I say to myself, “Yup Yankees lost today.” And most of the time they do, Taillon never has command of his stuff and never gives the Yankees innings. The Yankees consistently have to burn through their bullpen because the starters couldn’t go 6 innings. 

Domingo German has had some bright spots this season, but in his last couple of starts, he has sucked big time. I hope he’s dealing with that anger well…….

Michael King is a bonafide scrub, he shouldn’t be in the major league, so it makes perfect sense he’s the Yankees fifth starter. 

The bullpen has been the only good thing about this awful team, except for Chapman he’s either hurt now or going to get hurt because of the number of times he’s been used. Give him some rest Boone, you a-hole. 

Welp, that’s my rant for the night. Fire Boone, fire Cashman if he doesn’t start making some moves, and fire the Yankees honestly. 

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