Damn Yankees!

Welp, the Yankees have finally done it, they’ve managed to alienate their entire fanbase. Holy cow, do the Yankees suck. From the pitching staff to the hitting to the managing it is hard to watch. Cole has had some clunkers, the lineup is the definition of terrible, and Boone is just sitting back like, “Hey, what do you want me to do about it.” I don’t know where to start with this god-awful team, should I start with the hitting or the pitching? 

Actually, first I’m going to talk about the Yankees last 4 series. The Yankees lost to the 2 out of 3 to the Blue Jays, swept by the f-ing Tigers, split a pathetic series against the Rays, and then got swept at home to the Red Sox. 

The Yankees for whatever reason can’t beat the Blue Jays, they just can’t! Randal Grichuk is a Yankee killer, and whenever our lineup faces their pitching staff, their pitchers all of a sudden become aces. I can’t explain why the Yankees can’t beat the Blue Jays, and that’s a problem when we have to face them 19 times a year. 

Watching the Yankees-Tigers series in Detroit was one of the worst series I’ve ever seen in my life. I wouldn’t make my worst enemy watch this series it was so bad. The offense wasn’t just bad, it was dead, I mean Robert Duvall yelling wouldn’t wake the bats up. The bullpen blew the first game, then the starters blew the next two. You would’ve thought God himself possessed the Tigers pitchers that series they looked so good compared to the Yankees offense. The weather was bad, the games were bad, everything about that series was just plain bad.

Then, the Yankees had the pleasure of facing the Rays in a pivotal series to see what team would come out on top of the AL East, and spoiler alert it wasn’t the Yankees. You might look at the 4 game series, and say it wasn’t that bad, the Yanks won 2 out of 4. As someone who watched all 4 games, I tell you that series was UNWATCHABLE. The Yankees were owned by a 41-year-old pitcher in the first game, then got bailed out by Frazier in game 2, Monty barely survived game 3 to get the win, and Gerrit Cole looked like a flaming pile of dog sh*t in game 4. The Rays as of right now, are the better team. I know it’s not what Yankee fans want to hear, but the Yanks just aren’t that good, and the Rays are good. Boone should be taking notes on how  Kevin Cash manages a team. Cash is taking a team that should only win 70 games, and making them into a playoff contender. Boone is taking a team that should win 100 games, and making them a fourth-place team. 

The series of the Red Sox was the worst one of them all, narrowly beating the Tigers series for un-watchability. Getting swept isn’t fun, and it’s 0 fun when you get swept by your rival…. At home. I mean for God sakes Boone, when are you going to wake up and smell the frickin’ roses. The Yankees are in fourth place, and putting Rougned Odor in the cleanup spot won’t help. Eovaldi had his revenge game to start the series off, then Chad Green blew it in game 2, and then Boone for whatever reason took Chapman out after only pitching 1 inning leaving Cessa to blow it in the 10th to end the series. The Red Sox are another team that should only win 75-80 games, but they’re in second place due to good management. Boone puts the names of the hitters in a hat and then chooses them at random to make the lineup. One day Odor is the cleanup hitter, the next he’s on the bench where he belongs. 

The Yankee’s lack of offense is a big problem, especially since Kluber is out for the foreseeable future, same with Voit. Lack of pitching depth is killing the Yankees. Making Boone put out guys like Michael King to start or Deivi Garcia. Boone’s constant changing of the lineup allows there to be no flow in the lineup, we don’t know what works, and what doesn’t because Boone changes the lineup every game. The only constant is LeMahieu leading off, and Judge hitting in the three spot.

Who’s usually the two-hitter you ask? That leads me to my next point, Giancarlo Stanton is officially the new Jason Giambi. Congratulations, you’re an overpaid star, who only plays when you’re up for it. Giambi used to take himself out of games because his stomach hurt, or he “felt sick.” Stanton’s excuse is his hamstring hurts, or his quad is bothering him. And I believed him, the first 100 times he made that excuse. It’s always a weird coincidence that Stanton goes on a tear for a week, then performs poorly two games in a row, and then he goes on the injured list for a couple of weeks. Stanton might as well say, “See you guys later, I’m going to go on vacation for a week. See ya!” Like LeBron did in Cleveland, when he went to Miami during the regular season to rest, but he was really working out with Dwayne Wade. Definitely not tampering, let me just say that again he was not tampering with Dwayne Wade. He totally was. 

The Yankees don’t have a glue guy. Someone who can mediate between the locker room, and the manager’s office. Judge could be the glue guy, but I can’t imagine him and Boone have a good enough relationship. Brett should be the glue guy, but he’s too busy calling Joe West’s phone at 2 a.m. to yell at him for a bad strike three call…. From 5 years ago.

The pitching is……. I don’t even know how to describe it, actually, I’ll use the word bad to describe it. The Yankees pitching staff has been bad. Since the sweep of the White Sox, the Yankees staff has a plus 4 ERA, and since the hitters have decided to stop scoring runs, that’s pretty bad. The Yankees are 6-6 when Gerrit Cole starts this season, which isn’t all his fault, but some of those games have been his fault, like the one against Tampa last week. Kluber is out for the foreseeable future, Taillon sucks we just have to accept it, Montgomery is up and down, and German has actually been pretty good this year. But if the Yankees don’t score runs, they don’t win games, period.

I think that if the Yankees continue to play the way they’ve been playing, Boone should be fired at the end of the season. I’ve been in Boone’s corner since day one, in his first two seasons, the Yankees won 100 games each season, which is unprecedented. But this year he has shown what type of manager he really is when facing adversity, a crappy one. Boone is unwilling to see what lineups work and what lineups don’t work, because he changes them so often. He pulls pitchers out of games either too early or too late. And his insistence that Lucas Luetge is a good reliever pains every Yankees fan out there. Why does he use Luetge so much? I ask myself every time he puts him in a high-pressure situation. Does Boone have an incentive in his contract that says if he puts a charity case in enough games he gets 1 million dollars or something? Because I’m starting to think that way. What bugs me the most, even more than putting Odor as the cleanup hitter, is the way he handles talking to the press. He lies to them when it comes to injuries, it’s as simple as that, he lies. I can’t tell you how many times he’s lied about Stanton’s health or especially about Judge’s health. There is a reason why Judge is DH-ing every other game, but Boone won’t tell us. He lies about how fast a player will return from an injury as he did with Severino in 2019. And he won’t tell us how severely a player is injured when they’re out for an extended amount of time. I could be wrong about Stanton and he really could be playing through a serious injury, but because Boone won’t tell us how bad his hamstring is. We will never know. Also, Boone hasn’t been standing up for his players at all this year when it comes to arguing with the Umpire. In his first three years, he would get tossed just to fire his team up, but now he just stands there and does nothing. Thanks, Boone! You idiot.

Some say it’s been a rough couple of weeks if you’re a Yankees fan, I say it’s been a rough year if you’re a Yankees fan. Honestly, the Yankees don’t look like a team that will fight for first place, they don’t even look like a team that will fight to win a game. The hitting is pathetic, the pitching is dreadful, and the coaching staff doesn’t seem to care. The recipe for a great team….. Not. 

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