The Last Week in Sports

Since I last posted, the Bucks advanced to the Conference Finals, the Clippers advanced to the Conference Finals, the Hawks advanced to the Conference Finals, the Suns took a 1-0 lead against the Clippers, and… Read More »The Last Week in Sports

The Giannis Dilemma

Giannis Antetokounmpo is not clutch, he will never be clutch, and he will always do this to us. Meaning he will dominate when the lights are too bright, but once the lights are all on… Read More »The Giannis Dilemma

Damn Yankees!

Welp, the Yankees have finally done it, they’ve managed to alienate their entire fanbase. Holy cow, do the Yankees suck. From the pitching staff to the hitting to the managing it is hard to watch.… Read More »Damn Yankees!

Trae Young is Satan

Trae Young is the most infuriating player in the league. He constantly gets away with offensive fouls, all his offensive stats are all garbage time stats, and a dead guy could play better defense than… Read More »Trae Young is Satan

Trae Young Chokes!

Anyone who watched the Knicks-Hawks game last night witnessed a choke job. The Hawks blew multiple big leads and didn’t seem to care. Nate McMillan stood there with an expression that said, “Oh crap we’re… Read More »Trae Young Chokes!

Here Come the Yankees

This season has had its ups and its downs, but the Yankees have come through looking pretty decent. There are standard criteria for a good team, they have to win games, and not lose games.… Read More »Here Come the Yankees