Anthony Rizzo is officially a Goodfella

2021 has been a rough year if you’re a Yankees fan. They’ve had some signature moments (Gerrit Cole’s 129 pitch gem against the Astros) and some low points (blowing a huge lead in the bottom of the ninth against the Astros the day after Cole’s gem). Hurt by injuries, lack of hitting, lack of pitching, and lack of a good manager, the Yankees have had their fair share of problems. After finally sweeping a team in the Marlins, and winning 15 of their last 22 games; it begs the question, are the Yankees finally back? 

During their three games in Miami, the Yankees scored 10 runs (not that good) but only allowed 4 runs (very good). It seems whenever the offense does poorly the pitching excels, whenever the offense is raking the pitching sucks, it sucks real bad. I can’t remember a stretch during this season where everything has clicked. Where the offense is scoring runs, the pitching isn’t allowing runs, and Boone is making good decisions. The sad thing is everything won’t click because the Yankees have a terrible manager. 

Aaron Boone has shown his true colors this season. He’s taken the Yankees from a world series contender to a team that might not make the playoffs. The Yankees would be in first place with a decent manager, but with Aaron Boone, the Yankees were a couple of losses away from being sellers at the trade deadline. 

Whether it’s overusing Chapman or terrible lineup management Boone finds a way to lose. There are games where it looks like Aaron Boone is trying to lose. Like during the Boston series last week, when he took out Luis Cessa after 5 pitches. 5 effing pitches! Cessa retired the 3, 4, 5 hitters on 5 pitches, and he took him out before the ninth to put in Chad Green who would eventually blow the lead and the Yankees would lose in extra innings. Alex Cora has taken a Red Sox team everybody thought would suck and has made them a world series contender. Do you see what a good manager can do for a team Cashman? 

Boone did a decent job managing the bullpen during the Miami series, but I chalk it up to Clay Holmes saving his ass.

The pitching has been up and down all year long and I’m sick of it. I’d rather the Yankees pitching staff be really good or really bad, there should be no inbetween. Not knowing whether Gerrit Cole will be his normal self or if Gabbie Cole (his alter ego) will show up kills me inside. Montgomery and German either being dominant or trash has been hard to watch. As of right now, Gabbie Cole has been pitching and Montgomery has been great. Do you see what I mean? Mediocrity has no place on the Yankees, either be good or bad. 

The offense as a whole hasn’t been very good. LeMahieu is playing like the guy we thought we were getting two years ago, Stanton has been stinking up the joint since the All-Star break, Torres is only concerned with hitting home runs, and Sanchez swings at anything within a 10-mile radius. The only bright spot in the lineup besides Aaron Judge (all hail Judge) has been Anthony Rizzo. 

During contract negotiations this offseason Rizzo should tell Cashman one thing and one thing only, “F*ck you, pay me.” It’s only been three games but Rizzo is a Yankee. If Rizzo wasn’t on the Yankees they probably would’ve been swept by the Marlins. In game 1 Rizzo gave the Yankees the lead with a home run, in game 2 he hit another home run, in game 3 he tied the game up in the eighth inning with an RBI single. Rizzo deserves a plate of Clemenza’s meatballs once he gets off the plane in New York City. 

I’m convinced that when Cashman made the deal to get Rizzo he told his assistant how he was going to do it. I actually have a tape of what Cashman said, “I’m going to make Jed Hoyer an offer he can’t refuse.” True story.

“One day, some of the kids from the neighborhood carried my mother’s groceries all the way home. You know why? It was outta respect.” That’s what happened last night, a couple of Yankees fans saw Rizzo’s mom carrying groceries and helped her out. You know why? It was outta respect, didn’t you just read the quote? 

Anthony Rizzo is officially a Goodfella, he is going to boost this offense and propel the Yankees to the playoffs. He’s our last hope, and we have to have hope, we have to! 

(By the way, I know some of those quotes were from The Godfather, I’m not an idiot.) 

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